Youth Empowerment Program

Get ahead for top British school admissions with SIS Education's premier program for 13-14-year-olds. Our tailored approach optimizes academics, extracurriculars, and offers unique courses for practical skills. Apply now to unlock your full potential.

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At SIS Education, we believe that creating a standout British school applicant profile requires directed efforts. That's why we offer a 6-month premier pre-admissions preparatory program for students aged 13-14.

Our tailored, one-on-one approach supports middle school students in optimizing their academics and extracurriculars to ensure they put their best foot forward when it's time to apply to British schools. We also focus on personal development, so students are prepared for life in college, their careers, and beyond.

How the Youth Empowerment Program Works:

The program is divided into two segments: Strategy and Coursework.

S T R A T E G Y:

Our Strategists work one-on-one with students throughout their time in the program, designing a roadmap to help them take ownership of their middle school years with their university and career goals in mind. In particular, our Strategists focus on:

Academics: We assess the student's strengths and challenges in school and support the development of effective study habits, personalize academics through online and supplementary courses, and strategize academic pathways for optimal growth.

Extracurriculars: We explore the student's interests extensively to help them pinpoint natural abilities, investigate new activities, deepen current engagement, develop leadership skills, and map out potential college and career pursuits.

Personal Development: We develop foundational skills in goal-setting, time management, stress management, self-reflection, and decision-making that will prepare the student to handle the rigors of middle school and college applications.

C O U R S E W O R K:

The Youth Empowerment Program also offers unique educational courses, each provided in partnership with specialized organizations, such as Tesvan LLC, financed and coordinated by your SIS Education Team.

Speech and Debate: Our guaranteed Speech and Debate course gives students practical skills in argumentation and analysis, introducing them to tools they need not only to debate effectively but also to engage critically and confidently with the world around them.

Entrepreneurship: Through in-depth exercises and real-world examples, our Entrepreneurship curriculum engages students with the building blocks of thinking like an entrepreneur, ideating a start-up company, financing and budgeting a business, and designing an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Foundation ECL Skills: This course precedes Core's Extracurricular and Leadership curriculum, covering topics like research skills, critical thinking, professional communications, and project management.

Coding: Coding is a skill for the future, and our curriculum offers most students their first taste of real programming in some of today's most powerful languages, including Java, Python, and HTML.

SIS Education's Youth Empowerment program is our only program that requires a fee of $8967 upon admission. However, the program offers additional benefits to its successful alumni. Including, access to our prestigious School Admissions Support Program, which is known for its competitiveness, boasting a 17% acceptance rate.

Don't miss out on this chance to advance your education and secure a brighter future. Click here to fill out our application form today. Successful applicants will receive acceptance letters with specific information regarding future steps and interview invitations on a rolling basis.

We're here for you at SIS Education. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at +1 (443)-515-2042 or email us at We are here to assist you in achieving your aspirations!