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> Through the Student Education Panel, I can voice my thoughts about learning exchanges and student experience at LSE and contribute to decisions that will shape a better experience for students.

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Through the Student Education Panel, I can voice my thoughts about learning exchanges and student experience at LSE and contribute to decisions that will shape a better experience for students. The opportunity to discuss issues ranging from community and belonging to student wellbeing and support, reflects LSE’s prioritisation of holistic impact for every student. ━ Boluwatife Ajibola, Student Education Panel member; Department of International Development
The conversations with home alumni-student coffee afternoon is a creative channel that allowed me to give back and to foster my sense of belonging to LSE.While our experiences are very different, we found common ground for connecting together and learning from one another. ━ Menan Omar, alumni Conversations with home participant; School of Public Policy
I've been fortunate enough to learn so much about different industries, unique life/career paths and meet many accomplished individuals. The LSE Careers team go the extra mile in appointments, host amazing events and working hard to enrich student experience. ━  Zahid Ahmed, Student Experience and Ops Assistant; Department of Anthropology
Change Makers has allowed me to enter the world of research as a first-year student, an opportunity I will always be appreciative of. Researching LSE's outreach programme to help improve it is a unique experience which truly makes me feel like I am part of a larger community. ━  Ishika Srivastava, Part of the Change Makers programme; Department of International History
LSE’s Public Lecture Programme is a hidden gem! I've seen Arundhati Roy perform her poetry, heard director Armando Iannucci discuss his inspirations and discovered what it takes to be successful at one of the big four accountancy firms. There's really something for everyone - come down to some virtual events and see for yourself! ━  Lee Yang Hoi, LSE Events Steward; Department of Accounting

LSE students are always told we will change the world. Why wait? Volunteering lets us change the world whilst studying. The difference we can make is often greater than we could ever expect and lets us go beyond the words in our readings and see the truth that is often others reality. ━  Alex Lashley, LSE Volunteer of the Year Award winner 2020; Department of International Relations

I met so many incredibly motivated students, and together we developed new ideas about how religion can make a positive contribution to one of the greatest challenges our generation faces. The Faith and Climate Action Programme showed me that there are still so many undiscovered ways we can make a difference. LSE is a fantastic place to start exploring and shaping these new the solutions we need. ━  Alexa Beaucamp, Faith and Climate Action participant; Department of Geography & Environment
Working as a Live Chat Assistant is one of the best jobs I have ever done. I felt like a valued member of the team and my colleagues were amazing. Being the first point of contact for incoming students at LSE was such a rewarding experience and really helped me to connect with the LSE community. ━  Annabelle Gouttebroze, Welcome Live Chat Assistant; Department of Government
Hosting Conversation Circles allowed me to meet and connect with students from all parts of the globe and different courses. Interacting with individuals united by their passion for foreign languages made me realise that classes are not the only way to learn – we learn with and through fellow students. Emma Tacon, LSE Language Centre Conversation Circles volunteer; Department of Law
LSE’s Off Campus Support Scheme is an amazing service that truly allows you to feel part of the LSE community. From meeting people all over the world and helping them feel a part of our community, it made me feel that I was giving something back to make our society feel even more inclusive and welcoming! Liam Selsby, Off Campus Support Scheme mentor; Department of Government

Working on a research project with LSE Student Futures sparked my interest in conducting research that highlights the voices of community members themselves. Nothing makes me prouder to be part of LSE than getting involved with the active community of researchers working hard to shine a light on social issues. Rhydian Cleaver, Student Futures research student; Department of Government

As an alumnus, it’s been encouraging to see LSE take steps to tackle stigma around mental health both at the university and beyond. LSE’s partnership with Mind is a reflection of this growth, and a key step to developing mental health and wellbeing support for our community. Robin Skyer, Mentally Healthy Universities programme coordinator; Department of Government
As an undergraduate, the world of research can be intimidating. But at LSE, I was supported by brilliant geographers who assured me that my ideas mattered. The unwavering support and encouragement I got made me feel very much part of LSE. If it was not for this support network, I would not be the lead author on a published paper in the Royal Geographical Society’s peer-reviewed journal, ‘Area’. Sarah Hui Ann Tan, Undergraduate Research Assistant; Department of Geography and Environment


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