Our Vision

We're empowering Armenia's brightest minds, breaking down barriers, and transforming brain drain into brain gain. Our unique approach includes tailored support, a global mentorship model, and a diverse network of rising leaders. Let's visualize a brighter future together.

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Empowering Armenia's Brightest Minds: Our Vision to Transform Brain Drain into Brain Gain

Principle 1․ With SIS Education's innovative approach to tackling Armenia's brain drain, Armenian students no longer have to sacrifice their potential for success on the world stage for the sake of their homeland. By recognizing the disconnect between Armenian students studying abroad and their homeland, SIS Education has established a dedicated department to provide specialized support and guidance for Armenians seeking global educational opportunities. With SIS Education's help, Armenian students can now achieve their full potential without sacrificing their connection to their roots.

Principle 2․ Unlocking the full potential of Armenia's brightest minds is hindered by the lack of opportunities and resources. But SIS Education has shattered this myth, showing that financial constraints are not the real problem. In just two months, 18 graduates from the world's top universities have voluntarily joined forces with us to give back to their homeland. Our three-pronged approach creates a web of possibilities, where SIS Education provides tailored support, mentorship, and access to global networks, ensuring that each member remains closely connected to Armenia. By bridging the gap between education and community, we're transforming the brain drain into a strategic export of talent, revolutionizing sustainable leadership in Armenia.

Unconventional Approach: SIS Education's Revolutionary Mentorship Model and Global Unity

The pursuit of our mission entails a two-pronged approach, each aspect pushing the boundaries of conventional methods.

Firstly, while traditional schools have their own counselors, we have taken a unique approach by developing our own mentorship model. Our approach involves pairing each SIS Education beneficiary with not just one, but two mentors - one responsible for the theoretical aspect of the application process, and the other for the practical component. What sets our model apart is that these mentors are university students, who possess a wealth of experience and knowledge that they can impart to our beneficiaries. The intricate details of our method can be found in the Departments section, where we delve deeper into the nuts and bolts of this revolutionary approach to mentorship. Join us on this journey towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

Secondly, our aim is to unite individuals worldwide towards a common goal, all under the guidance of an omnipresent leadership. To achieve true global representation, we have set a bold target of enlisting 30% of members from international backgrounds, a feat that has yet to be accomplished by any Armenian institution. However, we are confident that this will not only strengthen the foundations of our organization, but also promote diversity and inclusivity in unprecedented ways.