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Premier consulting & academic preparation for applicants to top UK/

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Premier consulting & academic preparation for applicants to top UK/US boarding and day schools.

Why SIS Education?

The UK/US is home to some of the best boarding and day schools in the world, with schools such as Philips Academy Andover, Westminster School, Eton College, and Choate Rosemary Hall renowned for their stellar academics, top teaching staff, and their students' high acceptance rates to some of the best universities in the UK and America.

Perhaps it's no surprise then that these schools often have complicated admissions processes — from intensive standardized testing to demanding essay requirements and in-person interviews — all of which require high-quality work and entire investment by the student and their family.

SIS Education's experts will help competent students secure offers to some of the best boarding schools in the UK/US with full or partial scholarships. Please keep reading to learn how we help our students stand out above the competition.

How our US boarding and day school admissions support works

SIS Education's support is unique in its ability to provide profoundly individualized service for every student. We focus on long-term candidacy development with all support delivered by specialist strategists, tutors, and mentors. Our program includes:

Candidacy Development
Candidacy Development

Our specialists work with students long-term to build up their profiles, from choosing extracurriculars and summer programs to developing writing skills and study habits to setting application goals.

Application Oversight
Application Oversight

While building their student's candidacy development, our strategists also provide expert oversight of the admissions process, acting as a source of knowledge, encouragement, motivation, and advice.

School Selection and Visits
School Selection and Visits

Our program includes support in communicating with schools to plan campus visits, attend admissions events, and schedule interviews.

Essay Support
Essay Support

Our essay mentors provide in-depth support throughout the essay writing process, from helping students brainstorm content and plan structure to reviewing their final drafts.

Interview Preparation
Interview Preparation

Our interview support includes mock interviews, practice speaking articulately about your interests, guidance on what interviewers are looking for, and how to improvise!

Personalized guidance
Personalized Guidance

SIS Education is built on the foundation that every individual is unique, whether in ambitions or needs. As such, we ensure that each student receives personalized guidance from top strategists and mentors.

Who makes up your UK/US Boarding School admissions team?

The team will be led by the Founder CEO of the SIS Education, Nver Saghatelyan, who has studied at one of the elite boarding schools in the UK, namely Scarborough College, and secured a place at some of the top US schools for a postgraduate year, ultimately turning down offers, is intimately familiar with the admissions process and know what it takes to stand out. Furthermore, your team will be composed of:

01. Your Strategist

Your strategist will guide your long-term development while providing you with oversight on the entire admissions process — acting as a source of knowledge, encouragement, motivation, and advice.

Your strategist will:

  1. Provide insight into the boarding and day school admissions process.
  2. Evaluate your candidacy and help you set short- and long-term developmental goals.
  3. Provide personalized planning and oversight during the application season.

02. Your Application Mentor

In consultation with your strategist, your application mentor will provide targeted support for writing essays; they will also work with your strategist to provide additional interview preparation.

The application mentor will:

  1. Provide in-depth support throughout the essay-writing process, from helping students brainstorm content and plan structure to reviewing their final drafts, ensuring their writing reflects their strengths and passions.
  2. Provide additional interview support, including mock interviews, practice speaking articulately about interests, and guidance on what interviewers are looking for, how to improvise, and how to present oneself naturally: skills that are intensively developed and refined throughout the student's time with SIS Education.

03. Your Education Coordinator

In addition to your strategist and application mentor, your education coordinator will serve as your — and your family's — primary contact point during your time with SIS Education.

Your education coordinator will:

  1. Check-in regularly with you and your family to ensure your needs are being met by our service providers.
  2. Provide timely, consistent feedback to the strategist and app mentor so the student's team can tailor their services accordingly.

What Comes After Boarding / Day School Admissions?

SIS Education's US/UK Boarding and Day School Admissions is followed by a seamless transition into SIS Education Rise(Youth Wing), then SIS Education's US university admissions support program.

SIS Education Rise, designed for students aged 14 to 18, is a premier college preparatory program for pre-high school students. SIS Education Rise offer tailored, one-on-one support to maximize student success — academically, extracurricular, and personally — into the future, in high school, and beyond.

 This program is well-suited to students who have recently been admitted to boarding or day school and are preparing for the transition into high school and more intensive college prep.

Find out more about SIS Education’s UK/US Boarding and Day School Admissions Program

Young students with ambitious university and career goals may click on the link below to fill out the Application form; Successful applicants will receive acceptance letters with specific information regarding future steps and interview invitation details by January, 2021.

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