University of Pennsylvania Withholds Class of 2026 Acceptance Rates

The University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) released its Class of 2026 regular decision results but chose to withhold its acceptance rates. In an effort to focus the attention back on the

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The University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) released its Class of 2026 regular decision results but chose to withhold its acceptance rates. In an effort to focus the attention back on the students rather than low acceptance rates, several Ivy League schools have chosen to withhold these numbers. Based on the available statistics, Crimson estimates that UPenn’s Class of 2026 admission rate is about 4.4%.

UPenn joins Princeton and Cornell in the growing trend of downplaying selectivity. The university also promised that once it solidifies the incoming class, the admissions team will report more details about the class and their academic and demographic characteristics.

We celebrate their intellect, character, integrity, and persistence to achieve their goals amidst the very many challenges of our world right now. We’re looking forward to welcoming these students to the Penn community as they enrich our campus with their unique voices.

- Dean Whitney Soule

Approximately 55,000 students applied to the Class of 2026, UPenn’s 270th class, and 15,000 more applicants than the Class of 2024. The admitted students applied through Questbridge, Early Decision, and Regular Decision rounds.

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UPenn Reports Class of 2026 Most Diverse in History

The Class of 2026 is UPenn’s most diverse group of admitted students in its history. This class includes students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic backgrounds, and many students are the first in their families to attend a four-year university.

Additionally, UPenn also accepted the highest proportion of students from Philadelphia than ever before!

We wish to celebrate the students we have invited to the Penn community as individuals and in the ways that we got to know them, through their unique combinations of identity, accomplishment, and talent.

- Dean Whitney Soule

UPenn made the official announcement on Ivy Day, March 31, 2022.

UPenn Acceptance Rate and Admission Stats for Class of 2026

UPenn Overall Acceptance Statistics
Number of ApplicationsAccepted StudentsAcceptance Rate
Regular ApplicationsNot ReportedNot ReportedNot Reported
Early Applications7,7951,21815.63%

UPenn Regular Admissions Results for the Class of 2026

UPenn chose to withhold its regular admissions rates for the Class of 2026. Instead, the university decided to focus on the diversity of the class and their collective accomplishments. UPenn reported that 40% of admitted students worked during high school, and 80% participated in community service. About 30% did research during high school.

"We're focusing not on how hard we are to get into, but on who these young people are that we chose," Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Admissions Whitney Soule told The Wall Street Journal.

UPenn Early Admissions Results for the Class of 2026

UPenn reported its Early Admission results for the Class of 2026 in December 2021. This distinguished university announced that 1,218 students earned early admission with an acceptance rate of 15.6%. To increase your chances of getting into UPenn, we recommend you apply early.

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UPenn Regular Admissions Results over the Past Three Years

UPenn received about 15,000 more applications for the Class of 2026 than the Class of 2024 and slightly less than the Class of 2025. The charts below show UPenn's application and acceptance numbers over the past three years.

UPenn Overall Admissions Acceptance Rates
Class of 2024Class of 2025Class of 2026
Total First-Year Applicants42,205 56,33355,000
Admitted Applicants3,4043,304Not Reported
Overall Admission Rate 8.1%5.9%4.4%
UPenn Early Decision Acceptance Rates
Class of 2024Class of 2025Class of 2026
Total ED Applicants6,4537,9627,795
Total ED Admissions Rate19.7%15%15.6%

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