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SIS Education is turning Armenia's brain drain into a strategic export of talent by guiding Armenian youth to prestigious institutions worldwide, while keeping them connected to their homeland.

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Saghatelyan Institute for Strategic Education (SIS Education) was founded on October 15, 2021, as a Non-Governmental Organization (corresponding to U.S. 501(c)(3)) to handle Armenia's brain drain by supporting youth's quest to study at world-leading educational establishments and guiding them to engage in influential think tanks and powerhouses worldwide, aiming to create a robust global network of young leaders empowered to shape the future of Armenia and design innovative solutions to global challenges.

Turning Armenia's Brain Drain into a Strategic Export

While brain drain has traditionally been seen as a loss of resources and human capital, Armenia has the opportunity to transform this phenomenon into a strategic export of talent. With support from Saghatelyan Institute for Strategic Education, individuals leaving Armenia can become ambassadors for their homeland, committed to serving their country and contributing to humanity's advancement through their education and expertise. Despite integrating into foreign universities, think tanks, and power centers, these individuals will remain connected to Armenia and positioned as key players in the global community.

Pioneering a New Era of Strategic Education

SIS Education boasts four established departments, with two more on the horizon. The first department focuses on guiding students to world-renowned American universities, while the second is dedicated to helping students access top-tier American and British secondary schools. The third department scouts for prodigious 13-14-year-olds, providing financial and advisory support to jumpstart their careers. The fourth department fosters young leaders by facilitating their attendance at globally prestigious programs.

But that's not all. SIS Education has two additional departments in the works. The fifth department will pioneer strategic research contributing to Armenia's modernization in collaboration with esteemed global think tanks. Meanwhile, the sixth department will feature a distinguished council, comprised of both renowned Armenians and international figures, to spearhead an array of social initiatives aimed at cultivating a thoughtfully interconnected network under the auspices of SIS Education.

Stay tuned as SIS Education continues to break new ground in the realm of strategic education.

SIS Education Unites for Sustainable Leadership in Armenia

SIS Education made a significant impact last year by hosting over a dozen events in major cities and prestigious educational institutions in Armenia. These events were well-attended, with a total of 4000 participants, proving the organization's effectiveness in engaging with the community and promoting meaningful dialogue.

Building on its success, SIS Education is now taking steps to unify local and diaspora non-governmental organizations under its sustainable and inclusive leadership. By fostering collaboration and cooperation between these organizations, SIS Education hopes to create a more robust and impactful network that can work towards shared goals and achieve lasting change.

Through its tireless efforts to advance education, civic engagement, and sustainable development, SIS Education is paving the way for a brighter future for Armenia and the world.