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Hereby Saghatelyan Institute for Strategic Education (SIS Education) Rise is

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Hereby Saghatelyan Institute for Strategic Education (SIS Education) Rise is thrilled to announce the Membership recruitment for the time period 2022/2023.

In order to be considered for a SIS Education Rise, the applicant shall be:

1. An individual between the ages of 14 to 18, both inclusive.
2. Of Armenian descent (regardless of the location of permanent residence or citizenship), an Armenian citizen (irrespective of ethnic origin or location or permanent residence), an Armenian resident (regardless of ethnic origin or citizenship), or a person who is willing to consistently demonstrate a strong commitment to preserve and advance Armenian heritage and culture;
3. An individual with ambitious university and career goals, aiming to enrich his studies, work with unique projects, and start his dream school journey today.
4. Show and substantiate how the learning, experience, and impact gained through the continued help of SIS Education Rise can be used to address an immediate need, skills shortage, or target area for Armenia, the Armenian nation, or humanity in the future.

All SIS Education Rise members will receive an individual certified membership card with their unique codes. The database of the members is updated annually.

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