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Meet with a Financial Aid AdvisorWe proudly offer financial aid

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Meet with a Financial Aid Advisor

We proudly offer financial aid advising support for all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in world-leading universities.

One-on-one appointments can be held over the phone or online (using Microsoft Teams or Zoom) to guide you through any questions you may have about:

Nevertheless, please note that our Financial Aid team's main priority is not to provide lone information but to guide you through the whole process of taking advantage of the opportunities mentioned above.

The SIS Education Financial Aid Advising Program is divided into two layers _ the strategy layer and the technical layer.

Strategy Consulting:

Presentation of a personalized list of financial aid programs by an experienced advisor encompassing a timeline of set goals and achievements for the applicant.

Technical Consulting:

Thorough advice and mentorship to assist in all creative and dynamic elements of the Financial aid programs application process.

Interview Preparation

Preliminary Interview Training: Complete interview preparation to develop research techniques, form personal responses and prepare bespoke answers to necessary questions

Practice Interview Implementation: Mock interviews with past successful applicants and provision of necessary resources/information to best prepare applicants for nuanced formats of interviews.

SIS Education Financial Aid Advising Program Application Form

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