Our Mission

Our Mission is to handle Armenia's brain drain, at this

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Our Mission is to handle Armenia's brain drain, at this point, based on the two main principles(problem/solution) of the project implementation outlined below.

Principle 1․ When an Armenian student studying at one of the best universities worldwide looks back, he realizes that if his empowerment would be invested in that country, instead of Armenia, he would now have a higher standing among youth. Henceforth, he identifies Armenia with the lost opportunities. Solution: To prevent this issue, we first created the 3rd department to help Armenians take advantage of global educational opportunities that they would not otherwise receive due to the lack of a specialist in Armenian schools.

Principle 2․ Both the Armenian society and the state system do not offer appropriate conditions for these individuals to be involved in domestic issues, often justifying it with the need for extensive financial resources. However, we disclaimed this idea through personal experience; in two months, we managed to involve 18 students and graduates of the world's leading universities as mentors voluntarily. Therefore, this problem is not financial, and in our opinion, it has three interconnected solutions;

First: the members of "SIS Education" will return to Armenia as a group, with a straightforward task of operating in a specific organization.

Second: "SIS Education" will give them another significant opportunity, this time demanding them to return to Armenia․ For instance, SIS Education will support a graduate student to apply for a one-year internship in one of the Nobel Prize winner's laboratories under the previous intern's mentorship, in return that graduate will be obliged to work for three months at the NAS RA.

Third: "SIS Education" will not lose connection with the student after his university enrollment and wait to see if the student will return under the contract signed years ago or not; on the contrary, the institution will start developing even stronger ties immediately after enrollment in one of the world's leading educational establishments.

We are sure that the success of the solutions/principles mentioned above is the creation of a net of opportunities, in which each will be strongly connected to the other, always expecting new career prospects and ready to share their previous expertise.

The innovative activities in the pursuing of our mission is divided into two conventional parts.

First: People worldwide will pursue one goal under omnipresent leadership. To make this a really global organization, 30% of members will be internationals. There isn't a single institution that includes that number of international students, and in our case, we are sure that it will not weaken the foundations of the organization but, on the contrary, promote diversity and human rights for vulnerable people, especially refugees from Ukraine.

Second: As you know, every school has its own counselor, so it is unnecessary to talk about the same counseling, so we have developed our unique mentorship model; one of the critical points is that the mentor/counselor who works with the applicant is a student studying at the university. With each SIS Education beneficiary working with two mentors, one is responsible for the theoretical part of the application process, the other for the practical part. This  method is far more in depth explained in the Departments section.