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Finally, a query emerges: is the institution global or national?

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Finally, a query emerges: is the institution global or national?

The Armenian national values, in their essence, ​​are not contradictory but complementary to the global values. Keeping in mind the idea that every nation has its homeland, but humanity is still orphan, we claim that the motherland of humanity, its spirit is the library because it is an institution where the left and the right, the devil and God, human endeavors, achievements, and failures are kept to teach humanity what to emulate and what not to repeat. This institution creates the innovators for the world, who carry the homeland of humanity and its spirit within them, at the same time contributing to the strengthening of their physical homeland. In essence, this is a unique institution, a universal but still a national institution.

With this conceit, the institution's meetings mainly occur in libraries because both the collective and individual memory of humanity is kept there. It pays tribute to the past, testifies to the present for the future, and subsequently allows bringing forward judgments about both the past and the future.

For us, the happiness of being a member of SIS Education is the happiness of being free, that is to say, of being free to think, write, create, ponder, agree or disagree as we decide, realizing the importance of the privileges and responsibilities we have been granted.