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Join our network to connect with a global community of young visionaries, guide them in their admissions journey, and unlock your own potential as a leader. With internationally recognized programs and resources at your disposal, join us and make a meaningful impact. Apply now!

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Drive the Future

Welcome to our purpose-driven institution, where we're dedicated to driving student success through a high-performance culture. Our team of ambitious individuals is constantly pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and striving to level up every day.

At our core are four key values that guide everything we do. We're obsessed with student outcomes, taking full responsibility for their success from start to finish. We only play to win, setting the highest standards for ourselves and striving to outperform the competition. We believe in hustle and grit, persevering in the face of obstacles and never accepting failure as an option for our students. And above all, we're committed to leveling up, constantly seeking out opportunities for growth and development.

Join us and experience the learning and growth opportunities that come with being part of a high-performance culture. We're always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our passion for revolutionizing education and driving student success. Explore our website to learn more about our organization, and discover how you can take your development to the next level with us.

Guide Minds

The SIS Education mentorship program is a year-long program that connects young leaders across all concentrations with a unique global intellectual community. The program is open to students across all concentrations who have studied at one of the SIS Education's learning destinations. Successful mentorship experience is a 4h/month during the year and 7h/week from October to November or December to January endeavor. We prioritize applicants interested in staying with the organization for more than a year.

Our admissions support program is divided into two layers - the strategy layer and the technical layer - and mentors may support applicants in either or both.

In the strategy layer, mentors help with implementation and oversight of a personalized admissions strategy that encompasses a timeline of set goals and achievements across student pathway planning, standardized test strategy, academic approach, extracurricular activity advice, university selection, recommender targeting, and post-application mentorship.

In the technical layer, mentors provide thorough advice and mentorship to assist in all creative and dynamic elements of the application process, including targeted application guidance, holistic application oversight, topic analysis, essay/personal statement development, and interview preparation.

Shape Yourself

Are you ready to join an exclusive community that disrupts conventional thinking and shapes the world's future leaders? As a mentor with SIS Education, you'll be part of a revolutionary program that cultivates excellence in the most talented young minds.

From internationally recognized internship and fellowship programs to networking, financial, and advising support, SIS Education provides you with the tools to emerge as a leader in your field.

You will get the right to stand for election to the SIS Education Leadership Council to help shape our future.

Join our premier community today and discover what it means to challenge the status quo and push boundaries to create meaningful impact.

Unlock Your Potential

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*Please be noticed that SIS Education operates on a rolling admissions basis. While we endeavor to provide a timely response, please note that it may take up to 14 days to receive a decision.