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Mentorship program provides you with the complete SIS Education experience,

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Mentorship program provides you with the complete SIS Education experience, connecting you with a unique global intellectual community.

We welcome applications from young leaders across all concentrations, studying/studied at SIS Education's targeted schools/universities.

Becoming a successful mentor is a 4h/month during the year and 7h/week from October to November or December to January endeavor; we prioritize applicants interested in staying with the organization for more than a year.

Grow within a high performance culture

Curious about what it’s like to work within our purpose-driven EdTech organization? We’re always on the lookout for ambitious individuals who continually level up and push boundaries, challenge the status quo with hustle and grit, and channel a ‘playing to win’ mindset to revolutionise how we drive student success. Get a taste for our learning and growth opportunities that can take your development to the next level.

Our Values

Level Up

We are always seeking opportunities to grow and develop, taking accountability for our own growth.

We Only Play to Win

We do things to the highest possible standard. We benchmark ourselves against the best and strive to outperform them.

Student Outcome Obsessed

We take full responsibility for the students end to end success. We maintain an obsessive focus on the serious, high stakes and life changing nature of our work.

Hustle & Grit is in our DNA

We persevere in the face of obstacles. We don’t accept failure as an option for our students. There is always a way.

We recruit differently…

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2. Pass the The Interview: A Focus on Potential

Mentor's Responsibilities:

SIS Education mentors assist students with the below-mentioned areas presented below in depth.

The SIS Education mentorship program is divided into two layers _ the strategy layer and the technical layer. The mentor may support the applicant for either of them or both.

Strategy Consulting:

Implementation and oversight of a personalized admissions strategy by an experienced consultant encompassing a timeline of set goals and achievements for the applicant's across:

Student Pathway: Extensive planning of applicant's journey in preparation for applying to target institutions and overseas study in general, including fluid timelines to be adjusted as needed to fit student goals and circumstances.

Standardized Test Strategy: Selecting the most optimal standardized test and subject tests as well as determining appropriate test dates to plan for and achieve the best possible outcome

Academic Approach: Advising on curricula/subject selection to maximize results in conjunction with advising on academic opportunities beyond what’s offered in the usual school curriculum

Extracurricular Activity Advice: Constructing an extracurricular and leadership profile premised on a thematic narrative complementary of applicant’s interests and passions as well as overseeing ECL consultant’s one-on-one work

University Selection: Guiding applicant through the college selection process by making recommendations based on college characteristics, resource offerings, student preferences, and acceptance rate statistics

Recommender Targeting: Strategic advice on how to approach and inform potential recommenders who will benefit the applicant's application

Post Application Mentorship: School choice consulting, guidance for any correspondence with colleges and drafting of deferral letters where necessary

Technical Consulting:

Thorough advice and mentorship to assist in all creative and dynamic elements of the application process including:

Targeted Application Guidance: In conjunction with Strategy Consultants; targeted allocation of mentors focused towards the Common Application (plus other US portals), UCAS or other international portals

Holistic Application Oversight: Assistance navigating the intricacies of the application portal(s), constructing résumés / activity lists and ensuring all academic & extracurricular information is submitted to target institutions and highlight key competencies and points of difference

Topic Analysis: Guidance on topic selection and interpretation for all Common Application, UCAS, other portals and Supplemental Essay prompts

Essay/Personal Statement Development: Continued brainstorming, planning, editing and reviewing to craft complete personal narratives embodying outstanding creative content

Interview Preparation

Preliminary Interview Training: Complete interview preparation to develop research techniques, form personal responses and prepare bespoke answers to important questions
Practice Interview Implementation: Mock interviews with past successful applicants and provision of necessary resources/information to best prepare applicant's for nuanced formats of interviews

Why Become a Mentor?

Disrupt our thinking

Your membership in the organization helps ensure our independence. Challenge our mentees in an informed, distinguished mentorship atmosphere and ensure our work is rigorously applied to creating future world leaders.

Career opportunities

Our mentors will be at utmost attention to receive admissions support;

Events with world leaders and experts

Add your voice to the debate and expand your horizons, attending distinguished events in Yerevan, London, Washington DC, New York, Boston, Moscow, and online with high-profile speakers.

Powerful networking opportunities

Expand your network by meeting other members from business, government, NGOs, and academia at member events and through our exclusive social groups.

Subscriptions to world-leading publications

Discover a world of knowledge through subscriptions to prestigious journals, such as Council on Foreign Relations. Furthermore, obtain an opportunity to get published in Leading Armenian Publications, such as Yerkir Daily.

Help shape our future

SIS Education indirectly shapes the future direction of our communities as it discovers, guides, and unifies the most talented young men under one roof. Further, as a mentor, you have exclusive voting rights to stand for election to the SIS Education council.

Saghatelyan Institute for Strategic Education Mentoring Program Application Form

Deadline; Rolling admissions/Expect to hear back from SIS Education in up to 14 days/