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FIELDS OF STUDY; International Studies, and EconomicsCONTACT; s.nver@saghatelyaninstitute.

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FIELDS OF STUDY; International Studies, and Economics
CONTACT; s.nver@saghatelyaninstitute.org

Nver Saghatelyan is a research scholar whose research covers education for sustainable development, global governance and security, national risk, peaceful conflict resolutions, and geopolitics.

N. Saghatelyan is a researcher at the Yerkir Strategic Programming Foundation and Yerkir Editorial, where he is responsible for conducting research linked to Armenia's social-political and socio-economic modernization to support the transition from academic to real-world achievement for Armenia's benefit. N. Saghatelyan wrote international affairs reports and authored numerous journal articles, obtaining Yerkir Foundation Outstanding Research Award and Yerkir Editorial Distinguished Paper Award. Recently, Mr. Saghatelyan got appointed as the Senior Advisor to the Academician-Secretary of the National Science Academy of RA with a waived requirement of a Ph.D. for the position.

During his studies, N. Saghatelyan attended numerous international forums, including European Youth Parliament's National and International sessions, Harvard University, Hebrew University, and King's College London's conferences accredited by the United Nations respective department and associated with international political economy and global security issues. N. Saghatelyan is a member of or/and represents the G7/G20(young wing), World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community, UWC, Peace Corps, LIMUN Academy, and Aurora Humanitarian Initiative. He is a founder of various Debate Academy and other youth clubs in the Republic of Armenia. N. Saghatelyan is fluent in English and Russian, French, practices Turkish, and has extensive experience volunteering and managing complex projects.

N. Saghatelyan is a UWC USA Global Leadership Forum Alumni, Luys Foundation scholar, and attended public secondary schools located in Armenian villages and a UK-based independent boarding high school named Scarborough College. N. Saghatelyan enrolled in Johns Hopkins University(1 year/Oxford University), Krieger School of Arts & Sciences for an undergraduate program, majoring in International Studies and Economics.

In October 2021, N. Saghatelyan founded the Saghatelyan Institute for Strategic Education(SIS Education) to handle Armenia's brain drain to create a robust international network of young leaders empowered to shape the future of Armenia and design innovative solutions to global challenges.

Nver Saghatelyan completed multiple courses in Economics & Finance, International Studies, and related disciplines provided by Harvard University, Oxford University, St. Petersburg University, Tel Aviv University, Princeton University, Columbia University, and Stanford University offered through the Edx Platform.